Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Baby Days!!!!!!!!!!

Sitting here thinking to myself how I need to get up and work! I have 2-3 weeks to get serious work done before Troy gets here! The doc told me today any day now and no later than the 25th will he be out. I have like 10 projects in my head I want to get out unto the sewing machine! My whole thing is listing them. I have about 20 or more items that should be up and yet they sit there in my photos. Anyone else have this problem? Once I finally win my fight with the sun and get good pictures then I have to sit at the computer and enter all of them!

My Husband just got back from a deployment and I just got really serious about my selling on the internet. So he think I am crazy! He says I am forever on the computer. lol Which I guess I am. I dont know what is my deal I have had my jewelry and bows for the past year and yet I just started doing this big stuff within the last 2 weeks. I had six months to go crazy with my crafts and I wait until he gets home to go crazy so that he witnesses it. Go figure huh? Good news.....he is supportive and helps me out with the computer stuff I just cant figure out. Even better new! We get a nice tax refund and we are spliting it between the kids and ourselves! So I to send some money on my crafts and really explore the stuff in my head.

Thats all for now thanks for stopping by!!!!!!!