Saturday, February 7, 2009

Got a good amount done!!!!

Well today I got a good amount of stuff done. I woke up ealier than I wanted for going to sleep at 2:30 last night. I cleaned the kitchen and living room which makes me feel so much better. That will probally last like 2 hrs. between my husband and my daughter and her toys. I listed a couple of items and set up a flikr account so thats good.
Today I will tell you that anyone that is busy and could have some free time given to them should buy the roomba!!!!!!!!! I bought it for myself for christmas this year. I told myself that I deserved it being Im basically a single mom with my husband always away for work. I need a little helper especially with Troy coming. Let me tell you its the best thing I have ever bought! It really is as awsome as they say. Its actually kind of gross when its done because you see how much it picked up. The features on it are great and so are the accessories.
That is all for now! Thanks for stopping by and remember............Roomba is awsome!